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Joanne's Antiques situated in the center of town on Main Street, Seal Beach, CA is a main attraction for both locals and visitors from far and wide.

Joanne's is a popular spot... and for good reason. Just a glimpse in the window and folks cannot resist the temptation to wander inside, where there, they will feast their eyes on spectcular displays of some of the finest estate and costume jewelry, found in southern Cailifornia, or anywhere for that matter (to include) Weiss, Miriam Haskell, Lea stien, Di Marco, Eisenberg, Kramer, Lunch at the Ritz, Regency, Art, N.Y. and more.

Joanne's amazing eye combined with years of dedication to accummulating only the finest pieces are represented throughout this exciting jewerly/antiques boutique. However, she also has the insight to aquire quality pieces that appeal to all.... regardless of age or income. There truly is something for everyone at Joanne's.

In addition to fabulous estate diamonds encrusted in yellow gold, white gold, platinum and rodium. Joanne always makes sure to keep the men happy. They too will find find a large selection of; Men's Vintage Mexican Sterling cufflinks, bracelets, rings, belt buckles, pocket watches, antique toy's, and much much more. It does not stop there.... Joanne's is also overflowing with amazing antiques to include; antique sterling curios, compacts, antique inkwells, fine oil paintings, period pieces, flow blue and "early" blue and white, bridal baskets, "early" Murano and "Venitian glass", Royal Doulton figurines, very fine Cloisonne, Limoge, Tiffany, Waterford, as well as, other fine crystal.

Not to mention an amazing selection of early lucite and bakelte jewelry and accessories.

This Month's Special

Turquoise Indian Jewelry at JoAnne's Antiques

August 10, 2012

At JoAnne's Antiques we have Native American Jewelry and Turquoise Jewelry! This jewelry is sought after for the one-of-a-kind nature of each piece. Our jewelry is perfect for enhancing your cool summer look. The elegance of our hand crafted Turquoise Jewelry is unmistakable, come to our store to see all the great items we have! Each piece you'll see is hand made by skilled Pueblo Indian jewelry artists. We have great pieces to choose from. OUr Turquoise Jewelry is some of the most sought after jewelry on the market today. The Turquoise Jewelry and Native American Jewelry that we offer in our store is of a very high quality at some of the most competitive prices online.

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Antique Napkins Holders at Joanne's Antiques!

July 27, 2012

Come to Joanne's Antiques for great Napkin Rings! We have a great selection of Napkin Rings that will accentuate any room and make a great conversation piece at any home gathering!

A little history on Napkin Rings! The napkin ring is sometimes called a serviette ring. Did you know they were originally used to identify the napkins of a household between weekly wash days?

There are many different types of Napkin Holders that you will find at Joanne's Antiques.The standard napkin ring is a simple ring made from skewers.The figural napkin ring is an American specialty in which the simple napkin ring is part of a small figure or sculpture that may take any shape and show any motif.Check our our unique branded Napkin rings that appear as single items with the name or initials of the owner.

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Inkwells at JoAnne's Antiques!

July 23, 2012

Come to JoAnne's Antiques for our great choices of inkwells. Whether in a small jar or container, you can find many great looking Inkwells. Inkwells are made of glass, porcelain, silver, brass, or pewter. You can use them for holding ink in a place convenient for the person who is writing. The artist or writer dips the brush, quill, or dip pen into the inkwell as needed or uses the inkwell as the source for filling the reservoir of a fountain pen. An inkwell usually has a hinged or screwed-on lid to prevent contamination, evaporation, accidental spillage, and excessive exposure to air.

Inkwells are as old as the written word. Prior to the widespread use of fountain pens in the 1800s, people would have to carry ink with them if they wanted to write while on the road. Portable inkwells, sometimes called travel wells or travelers, were devised for this purpose.

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